I am very grateful to all of the wonderful volunteers who are helping me support this ministry by being the arms and legs of Christ and going inside the prisons with me. If you feel a calling to go inside as a volunteer, please contact us. We can always use more help. 

(Clockwise, from near end of the table) Deacon Richard Tolcher speaks during an informal gathering in the Arrendale State Prison conference room as Warden Kathleen Kennedy, Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory, prison ministry volunteers Dolly Fairclough of St. Thomas Aquinas Church, Alpharetta, transitional deacon Brian McNavish, Lisa Corcoran, chaplain Susan Bishop and Deacon Bernard Casey of St. Thomas Aquinas Church sit around the table. Seated in the background against the wall are the chaplain’s secretary Randall Frye, left, and deputy warden of care and treatment, Myra Orsborn. Anthony Dewberry, deputy warden of security, and St. Thomas Aquinas’ Paul Caruso, not pictured, were also present. Photo By Michael Alexander

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